Monday, January 20, 2020

Chocolate-Dipped Orange Cookies

As I stated before, Anthony likes those chocolate oranges. So I decided to use this as inspiration for his present this year. I also decided that this would be one of the recipes from my physical copies since orange and chocolate are both popular ingredients. I finally settled on one from one of the Taste of Home mini magazines that you can get at the cash register.

Grandma's Coconut Chews

For the third year in a row (apparently), I decided to stick with coconut as the main ingredient in Nonni's gift. I also, once again, tried to find something that was heart-friendly and at least looked like it would go well with a morning cup of coffee. After a search through Pinterest I finally settled on the coconut chews from Barefeet in the Kitchen (the grandma referenced is the blogger's grandma).

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Pinipig Cookies

For the last several years I've been wanting to make Helen a Filipino dessert (specifically a cookie) recipe for Christmas since she grew up in the Philippines. However, the rare time I searched I didn't find any that I would be confident in making. This year was a little different: Kevin and Helen got engaged in September. Which is why I decided I would for sure make a Filipino cookie for her present this year.

The search results were interesting though - cookies that were more what I think of as American (e.g. chocolate chip cookies) but were mainly from bloggers of Filipino descent/origin. A bit confusing. While there were some that sounded like Filipino cookies, I was still a bit unsure for some reason. So I decided to ask my co-worker who's Filipino (I have several co-workers who are). She gave me a recipe for Pinipig cookies by a Boston chef of Filipino heritage, posted to

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Chocolate-Brownie Biscotti

Confession: Kevin's recipe was a backup. I didn't know what to make for Kevin at first. My indecisiveness kicked in, as always. I did, however, pick out a recipe for Helen (his fiancé[!!]) as a backup in case I couldn't find a Filipino cookie recipe. When I did find a recipe, I decided to use the other recipe as Kevin's gift. I found it in one of the grocery store magazines I used to constantly buy. This one was from Good Housekeeping and specific to the holidays.

Coconut Brookies

I almost didn't do anything for Barba John and Auntie Paldina. At one point in December I got an email from Nonni saying the three of them had decided that they wouldn't get Christmas presents for the others' grandkids. In other words, for example, I wouldn't be getting gifts from John and Paldina. Understandable. I still felt I should make them something at least this year, to kind of even things out from the past. So I searched for a chocolate coconut dessert for Barba John. I eventually settled on Coconut Brookies from Crazy for Crust.


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