Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lemon Yogurt Cookies

I've noticed that lemon is a bit of an Italian flavor. So to me it made sense to find a lemon recipe for my Italian family to enjoy while on vacation. I chose a cookie recipe from one of my cookies and bars cookbooks. This one had an ingredient I had never used before: yogurt. Still, I figured it'd be easy to find. Lemon's gotta be a yogurt flavor that all stores have right?

Nope! The only lemon yogurts that Target has are Greek, which I was aware would change the flavor. So to avoid changing it for the worse, I went to Safeway after putting my groceries away at home. They tend to have a lot more flavor options of certain items. Fortunately, yogurt ended up being one of those items. Now all I had left to do was make the cookies.

Blonde Beauties (S'mores Blondies)

Last year I decided to make M&M cookies for Chelan since Nonni wasn't going to be able to make them. I ended up making two other types of cookies as well. Since they were such a hit (I had all three containers empty and clean by Wednesday of our week, if I remember correctly), I figured I'd repeat that this year. Other than the family-favorite M&M cookies, I chose two flavors that I was pretty sure the family would love: s'mores and lemon. After looking through my s'mores recipe book, I picked a s'mores blondie bar.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fireworks Pudding Cookies

We have many opportunities to work overtime on Saturdays at my job. This year I started working the occasional Saturday (between season tickets to The 5th Avenue Theatre and to the Seattle Mariners, I need the extra cash for meals). I've noticed on Mondays that food is usually brought in on Saturdays (start time is 7 a.m. after all) so I decided to do that too. For a late June Saturday overtime, I figured patriotic cookies for the upcoming 4th of July holiday would be perfect. I searched my Patriotic/4th of July Pinterest board and found a recipe similar to what I made two years ago. I even bought the ingredients the week before so I didn't have to rush to the store after work on Friday then rush home.

And then Saturday overtime was cancelled.

So after spending a few days trying to figure out what to do with the ingredients (specifically the pudding mix - I'm not really a pudding eater), I decided to still make the cookies. Like two years ago, we had a work day between the 4th and the weekend. Cookies seemed like the perfect thing to make up for it (again). The recipe is from Crazy for Crust.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Buttermilk Scones with Chocolate Chips

For my next Sunday morning breakfast I wanted to make scones. I had some butter and eggs that needed to be used as well (specifically the butter: I had half a stick, which is one of my pet peeves). So I searched Pinterest, my hard copies, and the internet for a good recipe, finally deciding on some peanut butter chocolate chip scones.

And then I forgot to buy the sour cream that's on the ingredient list. And I couldn't use/make any of the substitutions that I found.

So I searched for a chocolate chip scones recipe and decided on a buttermilk scones recipe from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. While it didn't use the eggs that I had (which was OK because I worked overtime the following Saturday so I was able to make some cookie bars), it used up all the butter I had. Granted, this recipe called for cinnamon chips but it none of the other ingredients indicated that the scones would be affected by substituting chocolate chips. It also seemed pretty easy to make.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Amish Cinnamon Bread

After making the Buttermilk Waffles, I had some leftover buttermilk. I didn't want to just throw it out but I also couldn't figure out what to do with it. So when my mom said we were going to have brunch at their house to celebrate Mother's Day, I figured I'd use it for that. After not fully liking what I had for hardcopy recipes, I went through Pinterest. While there were quite a few options for cake, two caught my eye that seemed a bit more appropriate for brunch: cinnamon coffee cake and amish cinnamon bread.

You remember the amish cinnamon bread, right? You get a starter batter and over the course of about 10 days, you knead the bag to get everything mixed and to activate the yeast. About halfway through add a few ingredients before kneading. Eventually, you divide the batter to give your friends their own starter batter and you use the rest for the bread itself (if you want to make your own starter, I found a good recipe on a website called Friendship Bread Kitchen, which has a ton of recipes that use the starter after the 10-day process).

For the sake of nostalgia, I decided to make the amish bread, completely forgetting about the 10-day mashing process. Turns out, that wasn't a problem: the recipe I found is a quick alternative recipe. No kneading, not waiting 10 days. Just combine the ingredients and bake like a normal recipe. The recipe comes from Redfly Creations.


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