Monday, August 26, 2013

S'mores Bars

My dad's other sister and her family live in Charlotte, NC, so we rarely see them. Usually in July (coinciding with Chelan). This year, things were a little different and they came yesterday, about a month later than normal. My parents invited them and the rest of the immediate family over for dinner. When picking out a dessert, I decided to do s'mores since A) it's still summer and what says summer more than s'mores? and B) National S'mores Day came and went and I did nothing for it (one of these days, I'm gonna find and make recipes for each national day/week/month that celebrates sweets). For some reason, I didn't realize how many choices there were for s'mores-themed recipes. So I decided on a specific type of dessert and eventually found these S'mores Bars on Mandy's Recipe Box.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brownie Cookies

Recently we lost our beloved Auntie. She was like an extra mom/grandma to many of us. Tomorrow would've been her birthday so to honor her, we got together to celebrate. (It's not like we just spent a week together in Chelan or anything. Oh wait...) I was asked to bake something so I focused on bars or cookies since there's about 2 dozen of us. After a brief search (i.e. randomly grabbing magazines and cookbooks from my baking shelf until I found a recipe I could do), I decided on Brownie Cookies from the Crazy About Cookies cookbook. Even though the recipe yields at 18 cookies, I figured if I scooped out smaller amounts, I could at least double the amount. (I did :P)


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