About Me

Early beginnings - me at age 6 with Kevin, who was about 1

I'm a baker by hobby. I actually have a bit of an addiction to buying books and magazines that are strictly/mainly baking recipes.

I'm also a chocoholic. Except for dark chocolate - never been much of a fan (too bitter).

I'm very shy, quiet, and introverted and I keep to myself. However, if you start talking to me about something that I'm at least familiar with, I tend to babble on and won't shut up for a while.

I'm half Italian and most of my immediate and semi-immediate family live nearby (we're surprisingly small for an Italian Catholic family). We get together at least once a month and each gathering is crazy because, well, we're crazy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love country music and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to what's not country making it's way into the genre. I wasn't raised on country - I was grew up with pop and classic rock - so I actually kinda like it when a country song sounds a little pop or a little rock.

I'm an Irish dancer. I had to quit in 2008 because of schedule conflicts with a summer job I had. However, I was able to return in 2016 because my dad's cousin Anne works and is friends with Amber, the new director/teacher of my original dance school, Rowan Fae. Cue "It's a Small World."

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