Saturday, August 6, 2016

(Milk) Chocolate Cheesecake

My cousin Chiara is one of my favorite people. She's pretty much the closest thing I have to a sister. So when she graduated from the high school/running start program she's been part of the last few years, I volunteered to bake some treats for her graduation party. She wanted 2 things: 1) Chocolate Chip Cookies (simple) and 2) the chocolate cheesecake I'd made Matteo and Declan for their birthdays. I told her I'd make a chocolate cheesecake since I wanted to make a different recipe (although I did keep the original in mind just in case I couldn't find what I wanted). I did find a Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecake in the Betty Crocker Best Desserts 2011 magazine. To change things up, I decided to switch the bittersweet chocolate out for milk chocolate (I've noticed that for the most part you can pretty much switch out one type of chocolate for another. Obviously there are some exceptions, like milk for unsweetened and vice versa).

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Soda Cake

As much as I like sticking with the familiar, I like to try new things when it comes to baking. Like macarons (still working on perfecting those things. Almost got it though). So when my mom asked me to bake the dessert for her and Dad's night while in Chelan, I decided what better time to bake a soda cake than vacation?

Yup, that's right. A cake baked with soda.

I've seen them throughout the internet, specifically Pinterest. All you do is take a boxed cake mix and a 12-oz. can of soda in a complementary flavor (like chocolate mix and pretty much any dark-colored soda), mix the two together in a bowl, pour the batter in a pan, and bake. Simple, right?

Well, let's find out:

Saturday, June 18, 2016

King's Hawaiian Rolls

You know how some grocery store delis have meal options that include a 4-pack of King's Hawaiian rolls? Back when my brothers and I lived at home we'd occasionally get the chicken meals, complete with chicken tenders for me. Since there was 5 of us and I'm a bit of a white bread-aholic, I made sure to grab my roll ASAP and hoped that there was one left. Because those commercials aren't lying: these things are sweet and soft and delicious.

So I was delighted when I moved out and discovered that you can get these rolls in packs of 12. A sweet and soft side, even when frozen and defrosted? Yes please! Which is why when I ran out of the Butter Rolls I figured I'd make one of the many King's Hawaiian copycat recipes I've saved on Pinterest. I chose a simple one from La Petite Brioche.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Chocolate Chip Graham Cracker Cookies

Kevin is definitely better at the internet than I am. He finds all kinds of articles and videos on Facebook or to post to Facebook and will tag the appropriate people if necessary. Like a food page's post of a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with graham cracker cookies that he tagged me in the comment section, asking me to try it. I asked him and he said for his birthday. So I did! (Coincidentally, I had just pinned the same recipe a few hours earlier, but he didn't need to know that nor would he have cared.)

Chocolate Cheesecake

A lot can happen in 3 years. Like your cousin deciding he does like chocolate but he doesn't like cake. So when I was assigned to make Matteo and Declan's birthday "cake" for our party for them and Kevin this year, I looked for a chocolate cheesecake (it was at their request anyway). Since I'm not entirely sure who likes what flavors that aren't chocolate, I decided to keep it simple. And super chocolatey. I mean, chocolate crust, chocolate filling, chocolate topping - that's not too much chocolate, right?

But before I get to the recipe, I give you: the birthday boys!

Matteo and Declan with their cheesecake

Kevin joins the fun


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